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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top Ten Things I Like About Myself

OK, so in answer to Erika's tag, here are the top ten things I like/love about myself... which I found a little harder to do without sounding like I blow my own horn! But actually, this was very uplifting to write about and reminded me of all the things I should be more grateful for every day that I probably take for granted!

1) I love that I have found my soul mate in my husband, I traveled 4,000 miles across the world to find him... After nearly 8 years of marriage, we are still as happy as the first day we met, if not happier and are totally each others support in life.

2) I always dreamed as a kid of having one cute boy and one adorable girl, a near perfect husband and a white picket fence... OK so the picket fence is kind of a reddish brown stain, but everything else is right... who says dreams can't come true?

3) I love that I don't see people through color, age, ethnicity or religion... I see people for who they are as a person and am extremely blessed to have friends from Japan, China, Israel, England, Spain, America, Philippines, Germany and Puerto Rico. I cherish my true friends, they mean a lot to me.

4) I love that I have traveled a lot... I had itchy feet growing up, I could never settle anywhere, had to keep traveling. Well all that traveling paid off because not only did I meet my husband, but I became more at peace with settling down and starting a family. Now I have some great memories of the 'places I've been' and the 'people I've met' to tell my kids when I get old and start repeating myself!

5) I love that I am a proud Brit and always will be, but that I have the opportunity to enjoy the more laid back American way of life...

6) I love that I have horseback riding in my life still after all these years... and that I am actually qualified to teach such a great sport/hobby.

7) I like that I like to help people either through actions or words, (and even if they don't want it sometimes - lol) and that I stand up for my beliefs (even if it means I'm backing the underdog).

8) I like that I am organized (if you don't venture into my office) and have a place for everything...

9) I love that I grew up in small very close family and that I now have a wonderful much larger, (but still close) extended family.

10) I love that I am STILL dreaming and continuously believing....

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