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Monday, April 28, 2008

American Cancer Society Relay For Life

So I am part of the Annese Martial Arts walking team for the Relay for Life this year at Beverly Manor school on 16th and 17th May. Should be a lot of fun as long as it doesn't rain... this event means a lot to me after having watched my dad battle cancer all year. He has a deadly and very aggressive type of lung cancer that has spread around his aorta making it unable to be operated on. He has had 4 rounds of chemotherapy already and is due to start his much more aggressive 6 week chemo/radiation everyday therapy on May 5th. My dad is remaining positive, but still needs a lot of prayers, and a lot of crossed fingers for the cancer to shrink and the surgeons to be able to operate.

Anyway, almost everyone has been affected by cancer somehow, whether a loved one has had it or someone they know. This is a really wonderful cause to help fight cancer. If anyone would like to donate, please go to my pledge page at


thanks for your support....