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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh, the things that kids say (and do!)...

So I have to blog about some of the funniest things my kids say, because I am scared that if I don't, I will never remember them in years to come... so here are some of the latest ones.

Sam and Abby were sitting at the breakfast table and were having a heated discussion about something, although I didn't hear what as I have a tendency to drown out any bickering that occurs in our house (one of my many talents), however, fortunately I did hear Abby's last retort to Sam being "hmmm I smell your antipathy". I swear she said it, and when I pressed her as to where she had heard it, she said at school! I didn't even know what it meant and had to look up the meaning in the dictionary!

Anyway, last night, Mimi was here and Abby decided that she couldn't sleep, so came down and planted herself on Mimis lap, which was only supposed to be a 5 minute deal, but we forgot she was there and proceeded to watch the movie that we were heavily into which was called Two Much! Anyhow, half way through the movie Antonio Banderas and his female co-star decide they are going to kiss and it wasn't just a peck let me tell you, so Abby turns around and says "why are they are eating each others faces?". Mimi and I fell about laughing, but it gets worse, I tried to change the channel to another movie and the people in THAT movie were kissing too, so I finally find a respectable channel and send Abby on her way to bed, except the goodnight peck on the cheek that she normally gives me was a full on tongue and mouth kiss!!! yuk... she picks up waaay too much waaay to quickly...