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Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th July 08

So the 4th July is a funny celebration for me... If I had a dollar for every person that asks "so do you celebrate the 4th July?", I would be rich... I want to say 'listen, the yanks beat the Brits in the war...but it was a looong time ago ya know'... but most of the time I just hold my tongue and say a polite "of course I do" type of comment... seriously though, like I would be harboring a grudge that America gained independence from Britain... the U.S. wouldn't be the magnificant country that it is today if it was under Biritsh rule.

Anyway, we had a lot of laughs and giggles at Jarretts parents house with the Lassens and Golds, playing a Pirates of the Carribean dice game and playing tricks on Erika... All 10 (plus 2 babies) of the kids played really well together, apart from Sam getting 'shanked' (by accident) by Colby. I have never heard him scream quite so much, I thought he was dying and when I ran over to the clubhouse to see what was wrong and expected to see blood gushing from somewhere, it turns out that Sam was screaming with embarrassment as he had just had his swim shorts pulled down! Kids....

So after eating way too much, we roped Erika to take some family pics of us (which she did quite obligingly as she loves to take pics... especially of us as we are so photogenic, lol ;-), see below. After leaving the Golds, we headed home for smores (a Graham cracker, chocolate and roasted marshmellow sandwich for all you Brits out there) on our firepit and watched our neighbors fireworks which was cool... so we had a very mellow day really, just as I think 4th July should be...