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Monday, April 28, 2008

American Cancer Society Relay For Life

So I am part of the Annese Martial Arts walking team for the Relay for Life this year at Beverly Manor school on 16th and 17th May. Should be a lot of fun as long as it doesn't rain... this event means a lot to me after having watched my dad battle cancer all year. He has a deadly and very aggressive type of lung cancer that has spread around his aorta making it unable to be operated on. He has had 4 rounds of chemotherapy already and is due to start his much more aggressive 6 week chemo/radiation everyday therapy on May 5th. My dad is remaining positive, but still needs a lot of prayers, and a lot of crossed fingers for the cancer to shrink and the surgeons to be able to operate.

Anyway, almost everyone has been affected by cancer somehow, whether a loved one has had it or someone they know. This is a really wonderful cause to help fight cancer. If anyone would like to donate, please go to my pledge page at


thanks for your support....

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Green Fingers

Have I ever told you that I love to garden?... I find it very therapeutic and I just love to see pretty flowers everywhere... must be the English rose side of me ;0)

So here is part of the garden that is overflowing with phlox that I planted 4 or 5 years ago. They come back in abundance every year.

Abby pulled a Britney Spears!

So I love our dinner times when we can all sit down as a family and tell each other about the things that went on in the day. Last Friday nights' dinner was no exeption...

To cut a long story short (or not), I went for lunch at the Purple Foot on Friday with my good friend Sara, actually she was treating me to lunch as a late birthday gift, so while contently sitting there trying to calmly control our kids, I suddenly noticed (when Abby kept throwing her legs in the air), that she had no underwear on, and seeing as I had just picked her up from school, the horrible realization of her having no underwear on all day at school suddenly hit. What her teacher Mrs Cooke must have thought, I'll never know, but I do know that she went to the outdoor playground that day and must have ended up showing her jewels to most of the preschool. Anyhow, I will not take blame for it as every day I get her out her clothes to wear and that morning I had gotten underwear out for her also, she had just forgot to put them on under her dress... who would have known? Its not like I check under her dress everyday.

So that leads us onto our dinner conversation that night about embarassing moments... I guess I made such a fuss about Abby's lack of panties that she became embarrassed... a healthy emotion if you ask me... But to make her feel a little better about herself, we proceeded to remind her of Sam's ebarassing moment last month when he put on Abby's jeans and went to school. You would have thought that between Dave and I we would have managed to catch the fact that they were 2 inches too short and they had bootlegs... but oh no, mornings in our house are hectic to say the least... the blame? well Dave folded up clothes the night before and put the jeans into Sam's drawer and I pulled them out that morning for him to wear, so I guess we are both to blame... why is it we have to blame someone for embarassing moments anyhow?

So the conversation ended with me retelling my most embarassing moment of sitting in a pub with my boyfriend and best friend when I was around 16. Now I wasn't the tidiest or cleanest of 16 year olds, always something better to do than clean, but the night before, I had undressed for bed and dumped my jeans and underwear on the floor, exactly how they peeled off my body... the next day, I pulled the same jeans on and yes you guessed it, I didn't realize that my 'day before underwear' was still in the jean leg, until my best friend Emma saw them sticking out the end of my pant leg at the pub and not so quietly (so my boyfriend could hear) said "what's that popping out of your jeans?"... I immediately rushed to the ladies' and flushed that pair of underwear down the toilet, I just couldn't bear to see them again... of course I was ridiculed all night, and needless to say I never dumped my clothes on the floor again, I did dump my boyfriend though (not because of this)... and to this day Emma and I are still great friends...

So when asking daddy at the table what his most embarassing moment was, it took him a while to respond like he had never had one!!! In the end he recalled a story about once he was in a nativity play and the only line he had to say was "the sheep are getting restless". So all night on performance night he is waiting to say his line and when it finally comes to his moment of glory he ends up saying "the sheep are getting reckless", much to his embarassment. I guess the audience thought it was amusing though.

Hmmm, not sure if this was as embarassing as all our underwear stories (or lack of), but the kids were amused...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Top Ten Things I Like About Myself

OK, so in answer to Erika's tag, here are the top ten things I like/love about myself... which I found a little harder to do without sounding like I blow my own horn! But actually, this was very uplifting to write about and reminded me of all the things I should be more grateful for every day that I probably take for granted!

1) I love that I have found my soul mate in my husband, I traveled 4,000 miles across the world to find him... After nearly 8 years of marriage, we are still as happy as the first day we met, if not happier and are totally each others support in life.

2) I always dreamed as a kid of having one cute boy and one adorable girl, a near perfect husband and a white picket fence... OK so the picket fence is kind of a reddish brown stain, but everything else is right... who says dreams can't come true?

3) I love that I don't see people through color, age, ethnicity or religion... I see people for who they are as a person and am extremely blessed to have friends from Japan, China, Israel, England, Spain, America, Philippines, Germany and Puerto Rico. I cherish my true friends, they mean a lot to me.

4) I love that I have traveled a lot... I had itchy feet growing up, I could never settle anywhere, had to keep traveling. Well all that traveling paid off because not only did I meet my husband, but I became more at peace with settling down and starting a family. Now I have some great memories of the 'places I've been' and the 'people I've met' to tell my kids when I get old and start repeating myself!

5) I love that I am a proud Brit and always will be, but that I have the opportunity to enjoy the more laid back American way of life...

6) I love that I have horseback riding in my life still after all these years... and that I am actually qualified to teach such a great sport/hobby.

7) I like that I like to help people either through actions or words, (and even if they don't want it sometimes - lol) and that I stand up for my beliefs (even if it means I'm backing the underdog).

8) I like that I am organized (if you don't venture into my office) and have a place for everything...

9) I love that I grew up in small very close family and that I now have a wonderful much larger, (but still close) extended family.

10) I love that I am STILL dreaming and continuously believing....

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