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Friday, February 22, 2008

Age is just a number.... right?

So it has been brought to my attention more than once recently that I might be getting old... and after just having had probably the most forgettable birthday ever, I am not sure that age is just a number anymore... You know you are getting old when:

... your youngest asks you on your birthday if you are now older than Grandma.

... a friend asks how old you are going to be and you have to refer back to your year of birth to calculate...(yes it happened to me)...

... you rethink about buying a car you like because it has a "young" looking spoiler on the back... gotta stick to that stay at home mom family mobile...

... one of your best friends buys you Garnier anti wrinkle firming moisture cream with "ultra lift" for you birthday and you love it!

... your love handles start to creep out of your jeans and you have to wear a belt to flatten them back down again...

... asked what I want for my birthday from my husband, I pick kitchen knives instead of jewelry!

... you start receiving a lot more birthday cards that poke fun at your age!

... you don't wear half of your wardrobe because it would look better on a teenager...

... your teenage niece wants to steal your favorite Aeropostale hoodie!

and finally... when you won't step out of the house without your usual minimal amount of makeup... yes, au natural is finally out of the window.