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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Miserable Night...

So not to try to top Missy's blog about Apsen and the pencil sharpener, but last night after working out, I came home to find Dave holding an icepack on Abby's head and blood everywhere. It turns out she has been testing out her gymnastics out on the couch downstairs and her Star wars somersault did not quite go according to plan, leaving her cutting her eyebrow open on the coffee table and bruising her nose (she was lucky not to break it). So after careful consideration as to what to do, we opted to take her to the hospital to reduce the scarring seeing as the last time she cut her leg open and we took her to the doctors he said "a butterfly bandaid is fine because the wound is on her leg but if the wound was on her face she should be getting a stitch to reduce the scarring".

So off we go to the hospital. Now, Abby is fine in spirit and certainly not concussed but the blood is still seeping from her wound. After doing all the necessary paperwork/insurance discussion at the hospital whilst Abby is still dripping blood, we are doomed for a miserable 2 hour wait amongst children and adults alike throwing up, groaning and looking deathly pale around us. We got in a constant battle with our kids to stop licking the seats and putting their fingers in mouth!
We finally hear her name called and it is like we have just won the lottery, although we still know we are going to have to wait in the next room for a doctor. Admittedly, the doctor was very nice to Abby when he came in, but by this time his humor was lost on me as I just kept thinking "do you know how long we have had to wait" and "if I were getting paid as much as you were, I would be calling every little girl 'as cute as a button' and 'adorable' too. Only to find he glues her wound back together (and half the creases above her eye) with dermabond. Now I have liquid seal at home which would have done just a good a job, it might have stung a little when initially applied, but that sting is short lived in comparison to the sting of waiting 2 hours amongst some of the sickest people in Augusta County, high medical expenses, and a feeling of of being in an overpaid cattle market.

Needless to say when I asked the doctor if liquid seal would have done the job at home, his answer was "Hmmm, I don't know that product, it might have." Skechy answer to say the least... but it does him no good to promote over the counter medications, when we can pay $100 for his drug companies' Dermabond glue, does it?